You can tap into my neurology any time.

This is a gif image showcasing different angles of a wooden clock with a red plastic coverings. Showcasing the front, a zoomed in shot of knobs on it, a side angle shot, and the back of it.

As a digital brand experience designer and marketer, I’m constantly thinking of things that need a UX makeover. Sleep, for example, tops my list as I’ve become a new dad during a pandemic.

My biggest pet peeve? Being woken up. I can forgive my infant son, but that thing called…

This one trait led my company to work with Lady Gaga.

When you think about hot streaks, what springs to mind?

Probably a sports analogy, like Roger Federer winning 41 consecutive matches in 2006–2007. Or maybe you’re a film buff, and you point to Peter Jackson’s brilliant Lord of the Rings trifecta, released in 2001–2003.

Then there’s my personal favorite, Jackson…

Lo-fi style drawing of a desk with office supplies on it and a bookshelf above. Everything is in a neon soft pink and there is a desk light flashing as an animation.

By now, you’ve probably heard the “Great Resignation.” Month after month, millions of people are voluntarily leaving their jobs. According to a recent Microsoft survey, around 54% of Generation Z — the newest workforce members — are already considering quitting their jobs.

And the reasons? …

No time for baby steps.

Gif animation of vibrant neon green background with the word “UX,” flashing in bright colors like purple, orange, and green. Different broken toys are appearing and reappearing in this animation such as a deflated basketball, an upside down toy car, etc.

I have a confession: as a marketer and a new father, I’m disheartened by the baby product marketplace. And when a dad says he’s disappointed, he means it.

Now, I usually view everything from a positive perspective. I see the greatest challenges as the most significant opportunities. …

Top of mountain picture with transparent clouds moving. The sky is dark purple and in the center of the mountain top is a Bitcoin with an illuminating blue rings around the Bitcoin. Green baby pacifiers are falling from the sky.

I’ve been thinking about volatility a lot lately, especially as a crypto and NFT investor. Also, as a new dad.

Believe it or not, the two have a lot in common, notably that there are lots of unknowns, but ultimately, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Does it sound cold…

Holographic/isometric style picture of a cityscape with numerous buildings. This is purple and blue colors with a Sci-fi art direction and vibe that has a blur animation.

Who wants to develop a bona fide omnichannel experience?

In our post-pandemic world, every brand builder should enthusiastically raise their hand. Or, at the very least, give me a ✋.

Take Target, for example. According to IMD, the retailer had its best quarter ever, Q2 2020, with digital sales scaling…

Image of a treasure map with a paw print path showing a dotted line. There are several icons along the paw print path, each icon is a girl and her dog playing together to represent the customer journey of a pet owner. The end of the path shows an icon of the owner and her dog going through pet euthanasia, the end of their journey.

This article is about the part of the customer journey marketers often screw up: the ending.

I know, it’s not our fault. We spend countless hours trying to minimize churn and attrition and optimize client retention. We craft helpful reminder messages — “Did you forget this?” “Time to order more,”…

I’m a productivity hacker. I’m always seeking out the latest biohacks and life optimizations. My opinion is that sometimes we need to turn up the heat, and when we do so with intention, the benefits can be incredible.

I’m also a root-cause seeker. Curiosity guides me in everything I do…

Now that we’re more than a year into pandemic-related digital transformation, we’re starting to read all sorts of headlines about how work is never going back to “normal.”


As a founder, I’m not saying that because I have some grand design for saving boatloads of cash by reducing office…

Picture of muon energy particle under a microscope. This header image is on a blue background and the muon particle is an oval that is multi-layered. Green outer ring, yellow middle ring, and a red/orange inner ring. This image has a ripple effect on it.

It’s not often that a scientific breakthrough rocks our world, but recently a new subatomic particle, the muon, did just that.

Heavier than electrons and an integral component of the cosmos, physicist Chris Polly and his team at the Department of Energy’s Fermilab discovered that muons don’t behave as predicted…

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